CA Beach Clean Up Day

CA Beach Clean Up Day

California Beach Clean Up Day!
Lunch at the beach!

Sandcastle building

Finished product!

Seaweed gave them a run for their money!
What they ended up with!

Walking the sand cliffs!
Writing their names in the sand

Including mine! Heart, heart Tt
Our creek walk back. Not as easy as it first appeared!
Pudd’s pic of the day!

T: Scarlett, Owen and I went out to Half Moon Bay to clean up the beaches! We went to San Gregorio Beach and although we got there a little late, we still picked up a few cans and some wrappers. We got to spend lunch building an awesome sandcastle and collected crab shells and seaweed! We went back to the car alongside the creek- however, I would not recommend doing this with small kids… super difficult terrain and not a clear path to follow. We love keeping Cali clean!



O: Beach clean up fun. There were crab shells everywhere, so Scarlett and I built a crab-tiled sandcastle! It was really nice weather and we saw dolphins in the ocean! We at first thought they were shark fins, but they ended up being dolphins.

May the force be with you, my friends!



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