Life Back to Normal

Life Back to Normal

T:  The holidays are here! We are looking forward to visiting with family and friends. Luckily, we’ve had a couple of days of downtime. Hiking the Stanford hills with Grandpapala is always a treat. We got the CUTEST picture of our niece, baby Averlee doing what baby Owen used to love to do- stand on the dishwasher! So adorable to see them enjoying the same baby things.  My Grandpa Jack died this year, and Owen stopped in to do some family history with my Grandma Suzy, apparently he taught her a few things about the program, haha! The Orca did AMAZING at scouts- winning 4 out of 6 wins. Wahoo! Looking forward to Thanksgiving.



O: I stopped by the Family History Center to date my Grandpa Jack’s death with my Grandma Suzy. It was sad but it was what we had to do.

May the force be with you, my friends



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