Pumpkin Patch Passion

Pumpkin Patch Passion

Lemos Farms has TONS of great photo op’s. Love these cuties.
Hay ride at Webb Ranch









Owen’s pose! Oh my goodness!!
Taking Lilly for a shoulder ride!
Pony rides!
Goldie’s first horse ride. Won’t be her last! She’s hooked!!
Obsessed with EVERY horse now!
Going for a spin!











Pudd’s pic of the day!

T: October is such a fun month, it really gets us excited for the holidays! My sister and I line up our favorite pumpkin patches and start field tripping it early in the month because there’s so many! Our favorite hot spots are Webb Ranch, Lemos Farm, and Arata Farms (more on this one in another post). The kids hop in the car tired from one pumpkin patch- already talking about the next one they will go to the following week! Gotta love the holidays!



O: I love going to all the pumpkin patches. It’s such a fun thing to do all month! My favorite things to do at a pumpkin patch is the bouncy house and any haunted house- which mostly are not scary, EXCEPT for the one at Arata Farm- NOT doing that one again- too scary for me!

May the force be with you, my friends!



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