School comes first! Can’t really complain by the pool, can you?
Master maze sleuths!
Several doors to pick from… we had to try them all!
Goldie LOVES being part of the “big kid” crowd!
But she still loves to be a baby too. Especially when her little legs get tired!
It’s a mad dash to keep up!
We made it out VICTORIOUS!!!
Goldie had to get in her pony ride!
Gotta love Baskin-Robbins afterwards!
Pudd’s pic of the day!

T: Arata Farms in Half Moon Bay has the BEST hay maze. We go every year with my dad and the kids absolutely love it. Who am I kidding- we ALL LOVE it! I suggest going early in the month if you really want to sleuth-it out on your own- cause it gets really crowded closer to Halloween and you get a lot more “tell-all’s” inside the maze, haha! This year, Grandpapala tasked Owen and Scarlett with a lot more diy strategies, and well… we lived to tell the tale!



O: I LOVE Arata Farm! My favorite part was of course, the hay maze. It is so tricky to figure out! Scarlett and I are getting pretty good at mapping out our routes, which ones work and which ones don’t. Grandpapala makes it so much fun! Baskin-Robbins topped it off as a treat before the long haul home.

May the force be with you, my friends!



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