Hanke Love

Hanke Love

Doing our school work together!
Out and about in Monrovia. Such a cute town!
At the toy store. The kids could play with this diner for hours! See baby Lucy looking at the menu?!!
Costco run!
How cute is this?!!
Sample kings!
Playing at the park


A little down time. Look at Charlotte’s bandana- Owen has it around his neck, haha!
Oh my goodness- princess Lucy!
Charlotte got her baby doll in a wrap! Her boots… backwards- gotta love independence!
Night time reading
Intensly listening to A Wrinkle in Time!
Gotta love a completely digital COA. School on the road!
Pudd’s pic of the day!


T: Owen and I went down to L.A. to visit my sister Brandi’s kids Simon, Charlotte, and baby Lucy! We got to spend three full days playing non-stop and had a blast! Owen got hooked into a new book series called A Wrinkle in Time while we were there, so I gotta go grab a set of those. Brandi also homeschools, so the kiddos did it together- so much fun! Can’t wait to go again to see them for Thanksgiving!



O: I had a blast going to see my cousins. My favorite part was all the playing we got to do-especially playing Battlefront on PS4 with Simon, and playing picnic dog with Charlotte! We also made a YouTeach Video on Lightsaber moves- which will turn out awesome!

May the force be with you, my friends!



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